PastLifeDuring every reading I learn more and more about Spirit, about the Other Side, Angels, Spirit Guides and Past Lives. I’ve been able to tap into the energy of my client’s Past Lives and have been able to put the pieces together from their past life to their life now. While I’m tapping into the energy from a Past Life, I feel like I’m reading a history book, visiting eras and generations you only read about or see on television.

 Here are 3 signs that you’ve met someone from a past life.

1. If you feel an instant connection.

Have you ever met someone and felt an immediate connection? As if, you’ve known them for years. This person could be a relative, friend, co-worker, and child.

2. Your connection is almost telepathic.

It doesn’t have to mean that you send each other mental messages. It’s more like their ears ‘burn’ when we talk about them. You might think of a person and just a second later receive a phone call, a text message. You may also finish each other’s sentences. It’s a connection that is very hard to explain but even harder to ignore.

3. Comes into your life at the perfect time.

When we’ve hit a point in our life where we’re not sure what direction to go in next, or a change in life, like a relationship or a career change, or even a move in location. The universe will make sure there is someone from a past life to connect with you and guide you into the next stage of life. At the time, we may not think that’s actually happening, until we look back.

So, have you met someone from a past life?

Thank you for reading!

<3 Shannon