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Card 1 – Hobbies – How are you spending your free time? When you’re going through life changes, hobbies can provide a stress outlet and meaningful foundation. Your card is guiding you to invest in these pursuits as a way to relax, learn, and enjoy yourself. You love to stay busy, and these interests bring fun into your hectic life. Hobbies can be productive, as many people turn them into careers. Imagine that you have unlimited time, energy, and money available for a hobby. What’s the first one that comes to mind? That’s your inner truth, and there’s always a way to make it work on any budget or schedule.


Card 2- Grief Work – This card signals that your heart needs some healing from one or more losses. There’s grief work to be done as a way of moving forward with your life. Already you can think of how this specifically applies to you. Unhealed grief is compounded by each subsequent loss. Although it’s uncomfortable to mourn and cry, sometimes this is the only path to healing. Loss is one of the most painful processes of change, yet it can also help us develop compassion and more appreciation for life. If you can’t think of a recent loss that you’re still grieving, a loss can also be a change, could be that you’re comforting a grief-stricken friend or family member.


Card 3- Memories – This card guides you to reflect on happy memories as you look back on your life. Remembering the good times can elicit those joyful feelings and help you focus upon the love instead of pain. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, feeling glad for the time that you did spend together is especially helpful. Your guidance includes honouring these memories through a photo album or scrapbook, through a memorial contribution or celebration, or by writing your memoirs in an autobiographical book or article. If you experience recurring challenging flashbacks, it may be time for you to work with a counselor who’s specially trained in trauma therapy. This professional can help you shed the shadow of the past in a way that’s healthy and promotes growth. Additional meanings: Contracting someone from your past, creating a tribute to a passed loved one, taking care of your mind through meditation and brain-stimulating work, improving your focus and concentration through detoxing and good nutrition.