BookKeyI’ve noticed that Spirit has been pushing my level of awareness to not only speak to loved ones who have passed, but also to Spirit Guides during my readings. Connecting to your Spirit Guide can show me images, feelings, and thoughts regarding your past lives and why you’re here now on this journey. It’s similar to connecting to your Akashic Record (the record your soul chose to come down to this Earth with).
I was given the opportunity to test these new skills with a client of mine. My client lied down on my healing table. I started with a simple Reiki Healing exercise to get us both into the energy, once my client was ready the story started to appear – in my mind and in theirs. Simple questions were asked to allow the story to play through. At the end of the hour session, we both went through many details and tried to connect each detail to something in my client’s life now. We both believe one of the main characters in the regression is someone my client knew in this life.
The energy during the entire session was not an energy I’ve played with before. At the beginning of the regression Spirit showed me a large older book with a lock and key, the lock was unlocked and the book was opened. Then my hand kept flipping through a Rolodex to locate which life we’re going to dive into.
It was an amazing experience for my client and for myself and I’d love to continue to advance this new skill.

Past Life Regressions are $150 for the hour session. If you’re interested in setting up an appointment please e-mail Shannon at